An Introduction To Hip​-​Hop

by KRS-One

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An Introduction To Hip-Hop!

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An Introduction To Hip-Hop: By KRS-One

An Introduction To Hip Hop is a brief 30 minute scholarly presentation on the actual existence of Hip Hop itself. Taught by KRS-One, An Introduction To Hip Hop introduces young students to an authentic and thoroughly informative Hip Hop Studies Course which explores Hip Hop far beyond music entertainment and pop-culture. Here, KRS-One explains the Three Natures of Hip Hop, the etymology of Hip Hop, how and why to spell Hip Hop correctly, Rap and its place in the English language, the authority to teach Hip Hop, and much, much more! Designed for first-time Hip Hop Studies students, An Introduction To Hip Hop, is only the tip of the Temple of Hip Hop’s approach to the teaching of Hip Hop.

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released July 24, 2016



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